The good news is that you have come to the right place, at the right time to join this conversation that elevates hundreds of thousands of people’s health in 20 countries, as we speak. There is a shift happening right now, you can be part of this grass roots effort that educates and empowers people to elevate their health, one conversation at a time and in the process creates a Living Legacy in families like yours, around the world.

There are several facets to your overall health and well being which go beyond the physical:

  • emotional
  • mental
  • spiritual and
  • financial health.

Are you committed to elevating your financial health?  Yes, I’m ready!

Perhaps you earn a great income; however, your current income can not keep up with inflation and does not match your dream lifestyle.

We have the proven turnkey online business which includes world class systems, a mentorship program and a supportive community of like minded individuals.

When you partner with us you will receive exclusive access to:

  • Training Manual
  • Training Videos
  • Product Training
  • Presentations Slides
  • Living Legacy Team Email
  • Weekly Team Training Calls
  • Living Legacy Team Private Forum
  • 8 Week High Level Mentorship Program (worth $1,000s of dollars)
  • 1-1 Business Mentorship Coaching with me (FREE as a member of our team. $75/hour value)

Regardless of your background, your age, your education or your experience we empower you and provide support to seamlessly integrate your current lifestyle and what you are currently doing with our business platforms.

You choose the scope of your impact; you may create an additional profit centre to expand your existing health and wellness practice, you may choose to start a new business or you may choose to build an empire, you get to choose the Living Legacy you create.

Are you ready to elevate your life? Yes, I’m ready!

Are you passionate about prevention? Yes, I am, I’m ready to get started!

You are passionate about prevention and seek to further elevate the state of health on the planet.  You are already an entrepreneur in the health and wellness industry and you are looking to expand your offerings to add more value to the clients you serve and add another stream of income to your current offerings.

Here are some words from some beautiful people whose hearts align to creating a Living Legacy business and whose lives have been elevated through our mentorship program, working with Nousha and our supportive community:

“I envision to empower women by educating them to have a better understanding of their health and their vital role in preserving Mother Earth and once again Nousha and my new found community stood in support as I stand in support for their cause.”
~ Helia Akbari, Hospital Pharmacist

“I’ve grown so much and received a lot of value from having access to the Team Living Legacy Business Mentorship Program.”
~ Dilek Cansin, College Instructor

Are you ready to join the team? Yes, I’m ready!